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Co-directors Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller reunite to bring Miller’s “Sin City” graphic novels back to the screen. Weaving together two of Miller’s classic stories with new tales, the town’s most hard boiled citizens cross paths with some of its more notorious inhabitants.

Dwight McCarthy (Josh Brolin) is spying on a man named Joey (Ray Liotta) and taking pictures of him as he goes into a hotel room to have sex with a prostitute named Sally (Juno Temple). He handcuffs her to the bed and roughly has his way with her. After they finish, Joey takes out his gun to kill Sally for fear that she’ll say something to his wife. Dwight crashes through the skylight and lands on Joey, beating him unconscious. He takes Sally into Old Town where she’ll be safe. Afterward, he goes to collect his payment from his client, which turns out to be Joey’s wife, giving her the pictures she asked him for while her lawyer pays him.

Dwight is driving the Mustang at high speed down a mountain road, and feels a sense of rage overcoming him. He warns himself not to let the beast out. At home, he gets a call from a familiar voice, one that he hoped he’d never hear again – Ava Lord (Eva Green). She has him meet her at Kadie’s. He wants nothing to do with her, but she begs him for forgiveness and protection against her husband Damien. Dwight indifferently says he forgives Ava and tells her to leave. She pulls him in for a kiss, and he’s hooked. Manute (Dennis Haysbert) enters and threatens Dwight before taking Ava away. Marv, watching from the bar, offers to step in for Dwight. He tells Manute this isn’t Marv’s fight. Manute takes Ava with him.

We next see Dwight up on the rooftop at Ava’s home where he takes pictures of her as she swims naked in her pool. Manute’s men ambush him and hold him down while he’s brutally beaten by Manute. They toss him out of their limo as it’s still moving, leaving him in front of his place. As he stands up, he sees his Mustang parked outside and wonders how it got there. He goes into his apartment to find Ava waiting for him, naked on his bed. She asks to be punished, for him to make her feel the pain that HE feels. Dwight slaps her, and then they get into rough sex. After they’re finished, Ava tells Dwight that she’s tried to get out of her marriage several times because Damien is an abusive husband who has Manute torture her using methods that leave no noticeable signs of injury. She tells him that her husband abuses her, and does not care where she goes off to, as the servant Manute (Dennis Haysbert) will always find her and take her back to him. At this point, as if right on cue, Manute suddenly appears from the shadows. Dwight punches him twice in the face before Manute punches him so hard in the chest that Dwight flies out the window. Back in Dwight’s bedroom, Manute helps Ava back into her coat, saying she has an “appointment to keep.”

Dwight goes to Kadie’s to ask Marv for help. He gets Marv drunk enough to get him riled up and ready to kill. They get to Ava’s home, where Marv annihilates everybody in his path. He takes on Manute, where the two hulking brutes beat each until Marv knocks Manute out cold, and then plucks his right eye out. Dwight enters the house to confront Damien (Marton Csokas). Damien pulls his gun on him, but Dwight beats his face and crushes his throat, killing him. Ava asks Dwight what it “feels like to kill an innocent man.” Dwight realizes he was set up, and Ava pulls out her gun to shoot him. She misses Dwight’s heart and head, but she manages to shoot him out the window. He lands on the concrete and is unconscious.

Marv grabs Dwight and puts him in the back of the car. Dwight’s right eye is nearly hanging out. Marv evades the cops and makes it into Old Town. The cops don’t follow them any further, knowing their limits, save for one cop who Dwight figures to be a rookie. The girls of Old Town shoot at the car and blow it up with flamethrowers as the cop flees. Marv brings Dwight to Gale (Rosario Dawson) and her girls. Gale sees Dwight looking really messed up. She tends to him but is angry with him for leaving Old Town. Gale’s girls even think they ought to just kill him, specifically twins Goldie and Wendy (both played by Jaime King). Miho (Jamie Chung) gets her sword ready to kill Dwight until Gale introduces him as the man who saved her years ago when two thugs nearly got the drop on her.

Back at Ava’s home, she’s interviewed by the lieutenant Mort (Christopher Meloni) and his partner Bob (Jeremy Piven). She pretends to be devastated over Damien’s death, and she subtly comes onto Mort. Bob notices the attraction and even feels a bit aroused by her. Eventually, Mort succumbs to the temptation and goes over to Ava’s house to have sex with her while also trying to find Dwight. Dwight ends up calling Ava’s home, which makes her tense. Mort drives away with Bob, who berates Mort for the affair. Mort loses it and shoots Bob in the eye and then stops the car, throws his body over a cliff, and then kneels in the road and shoots himself in the head. Dwight says this is part of Ava’s seduction that drives men mad.

Gale decides to help Dwight get back at Ava. We see her inside a party held at Ava’s home where she overhears Ava conspiring with another mobster, Herr Wallenquist (Stacy Keach Jr.) to kill Dwight. Later on, Dwight arrives from getting facial reconstruction surgery to go back to Ava’s home undetected. However, Manute recognizes him from his eyes. He takes Dwight to Ava’s home, where Gale and Miho have gone to kill all the guards before allowing Dwight to reach Ava. Dwight first shoots Manute into Ava’s pool, and Gale throws a bomb that blows up and gets glass across Ava’s face, scarring her. Ava shoots Manute down for good, and then tries to seduce Dwight once again. They kiss one last time before Dwight shoots Ava. She slowly dies, and Dwight plans to take the backstreets with Gale and Miho to get out of there undetected.


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