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Original Title: 一个人的武林
Genres: Action / Thriller
Size: 993.52 MB
Quality: 720p
Resolution: 1280 x 544
Run Time: 1hr 36min
Audio: Mandarin | AAC | 2 channels | 96 Kbps
Rip Encoded by: MovieBagus
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South champion’s title Fist martial artist died suddenly in their own car in the tunnel, the body did not stab or gunshot marks, preliminary supervisor punch die set, Crime Unit Chief Inspector Lu Xuan heart (Charlie ornaments) in charge of the investigation, cause of death was puzzled; this time it received a prison from the news, guilty of manslaughter of prisoners serving sentences Jaap Wu (Donnie Yen ornaments), offered to assist the police investigation, immediate parole conditions.
“First time practicing boxing leg, after grappling with weapons, from the inside out,” Wu asserted Jaap murderer revenge attack is not intended, and will continue to commit crimes. Sure enough, known as the king of the north leg, catch the king, the king of martial arts weapons elites have been killed, all died under their famous martial arts. Jaap Wu get clues and hidden weapon antique scene left behind “break and Yan,” Lu Xuan heart finally found the murderer hiding place, then they violate parole order Jaap Wu suddenly disappeared.
Two extraordinary martial murderer while large, they are friends or foes? Two male encounter, a potential match-ups are inevitable.

封号南拳王的洪拳武术家暴毙于隧道中的自家车上,尸体并没刀伤或枪伤痕迹,初步监定死于重拳,重案组总督察陆玄心(杨采妮 饰)负责调查,对死因感到不解;此时却收到监狱传来消息,犯了误杀罪的服刑犯人夏侯武(甄子丹 饰),主动表示愿意协助警方调查,条件是即时假释。



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