Mystery Archive

28 Oct 2014

The Snow White Murder Case (2014) 720p BluRay – Japan

Storyline: Based on the novel “Shiro Yuki Hime Satsujin Jiken” by Kanae Minato (published July 26, 2012 by Shueisha Inc.). – Yuji Akahoshi (Gou Ayano) for a television show. He receives a phone call from an old
16 Oct 2014

Persecuted (2014) 720p BluRay – USA

Storyline: Nationally acclaimed evangelist John Luther is the last obstacle in the way of sweeping religious reform in the States. When a U.S. Senator and Luther’s own supporters abduct and frame him in the murder of an
6 Oct 2014

The Appearing (2014) 720p BluRay – USA

Storyline: After suffering a tragic loss, a city detective named Michael and his wife move to a small town, where Michael joins the town police force. His first case, involving a missing person, leads him to discover
3 Oct 2014

Mystery Road (2013) 720p BluRay – Australia

Storyline: In an outback town, Jay Swan, an Indigenous cowboy detective, returns home to solve the murder of a teenage Indigenous girl whose body is found under the highway trucking route out of town. Jay is alienated
2 Oct 2014

McCanick (2013) 1080p BluRay – USA

Storyline: Set over the course of one day, a narcotics detective hunts for a seemingly harmless young criminal who knows a truth about the cop’s past.
29 Sep 2014

Toxic Desire: Addiction | Poison of Desire (2014) 720p HDRip – South Korea

Storyline: Joon-Sang (Hong Kyung-In) is a psychiatrist who runs his own clinic. He carries his own heavy psychological scars. His wife was raped and murdered in front of him. Since that moment, he has suffered from insomnia
16 Sep 2014

Frank (2014) 720p BluRay – UK | Ireland

Storyline: Jon, a young wanna-be musician, discovers he’s bitten off more than he can chew when he joins an eccentric pop band led by the mysterious and enigmatic Frank.
14 Sep 2014

Willow Creek (2013) 720p BluRay – USA

Storyline: Jim and his girlfriend Kelly are visiting the infamous Willow Creek, the alleged home of the original Bigfoot legend – the tale of huge ape like creatures that roam the forests of North America. It was
7 Sep 2014

7500 (2014) 1080p BluRay – Japan | USA

Storyline: On May 12th, Vista Pacific Flight 7500 departs Los Angeles International Airport bound for Tokyo. The take-off is routine but what transpires over the next ten hours is anything but ordinary. As the overnight flight makes
2 Sep 2014

The Midnight After (2014) 720p BluRay – Hong Kong | China

Storyline: A night like any other in the streets of Hong Kong: in the midst of the tangle of night-owls, cars and vendors, a group of passengers climb aboard a minibus that is to take them from