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The Cabin Crew (2014) 1080p WEB-DL - China_moviebagus.com_The Cabin Crew (2014) 1080p

Original Name: 年 后备空姐 (Hou Bei Kong Jie)
Genres: Drama | Comedy
Size: 2.92 GB
Quality: 1080p
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Run Time: 1hr 47min
Chinesemov Link:


Flight attendants, a writing group of the United States air. They are stylish and elegant uniforms, but yet glamorous makeup and temperature 婉娴静 dignified posture became tempted hearts of men, women yearning hearts. Congenital conditions poor woman Cock wire Zhao Xiaofan (Zhao Yi Huan ornaments) in order to achieve their stewardess dream, first challenge from flight attendants family of white Formica Liu Cheng Cheng (Liu Ting ornaments), and then they led a vote crane Last Legion against the beautiful flight attendant groups from various countries . In this process, Zhao Xiaofan tenacity and tireless spirit has not only been the affirmation of others, but also gain a sincere friendship. But when the situation is excellent, Zhao Xiaofan suddenly found himself suffering from vertigo, simply can not be a stewardess kJM

空姐,一个书写空中之美的团体。她们时尚优雅的制服,美艳却不失端庄的妆容以及温婉娴静的姿态成为了男人心中的诱惑,女人心中的向往。先天条件极差的女屌丝赵小凡(赵奕欢 饰)为了实现自己的空姐梦,先是挑战来自空乘世家的白富美刘筝筝(刘宇珽饰),接着又带领一票吊车尾军团对抗来自各国的美女空姐团。在这个过程中,赵小凡坚韧的毅力和不懈的精神不仅得到了旁人的肯定,还收获了真挚的友谊。但就在形势一片大好之时,赵小凡突然发现自己患有眩晕症,根本不能成为一名空姐



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